Art, creativity and a touch of magic

Art, creativity and a touch of magic

Garden Designers

Putting your designs in the spotlight.


Shining a light on your workmanship.

Your Garden

Create a sensation with illumination.

Your home, your garden, and if you’re a garden designer or landscaper, your project, is likely to mean the world to you. You’ll have put effort and investment into making it the perfect outdoor space, whatever its purpose, from family fun, entertaining to relaxing or even working. What we do, is bring it all to life.

And we do it so well, that a garden we recently lit won a prestigious 2018 BALI (British Association of Landscape Industries) award. We have also used our skills at the Chelsea and Hampton Court flower shows on more than one occasion. We can highlight and enhance key features. Show plants and flowers off in their best light. Create the atmosphere and feel you’re looking for. And enable your outdoor space to be enjoyed all day and all year. Outdoor lighting is both and art and a skill. For the most stunning visual effects, you’ll need qualified electricians who have creative vision but also the skills to install outdoor lighting safety and effectively and have knowledge of the best quality products and latest lighting design trends. At Light Your Garden we specialise only in outdoor and garden lighting, working closely with homeowners, garden designers and landscapers, to make sure we get it right every time.

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If you think garden lighting is simple,
let us enlighten you…

It can be simple. It can be complex.

It depends entirely on the purpose of the garden, the layout, the features and the client or designer’s vision. The difference between indoor and outdoor lighting is that it’s not about the lights themselves. It’s about what you want to light and how best to achieve it.

Positioning, angling, hiding, choosing the right products are all key to the final subtle but stunning effect. We can add just one light to create a subtle moonlight effect. We can make the water trickling from a water feature sparkle or change colour. We can create a party venue, right there in a garden. We can illuminate and enhance your flowers and plants which may be your pride and joy. We can position lights strategically to be invisible, and yet achieve breath-taking effects.

As experts in outdoor lighting, we can bring a touch of magic to your property.

Why let us Light your Garden?

  • Qualified electricians
  • Specialists in outdoor lighting
  • Artistic, creative and fun ideas
  • On top of trends and latest products
  • Close attention to safety and functionality in all installations
  • Helpful, friendly and professional
  • Work closely with garden designers and landscapers
  • Able to maintain lighting following installation

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I’m John Doyle

A qualified electrician, I had my personal ‘lightbulb’ moment 15 years ago. In lighting a garden, I suddenly saw the incredible impact I could make with creative and cleverly installed lights. I realised how integral the lighting was to setting off a stunning garden design and how poor or non-existent lights could let it down.

Since then, garden lighting has been my passion and my profession. I have found my practical skills as an electrician, combined with my talent for creativity and artistic interest, make me perfectly placed to complement the work of garden designers, landscapers and people investing in their gardens.

I remain fascinated by challenges and interesting briefs; gardens for socialising in, planting schemes that can be enhanced, the trend towards winter gardens and all year-round outdoor dining.

The potential for lighting a garden is huge, I can see it the minute I walk into a home. And it starts at the front door. Style and functionality are everything when it comes to any design and garden lighting is no different. When I advise on outdoor lighting - it will reflect your internal lighting, personality and preferences.

As I highlighted to a group of Garden Designers in a talk recently, the darker it is, the less light you need. This is because in contrast to total darkness, a tiny amount of light can create a vast amount of illumination. Light is there to create an illuminating effect, not draw attention to itself. Understanding this is one thing, but applying it is another, and that’s why garden lighting is such a delicate balance.

Carefully thought out, expertly and safely installed outdoor lighting solutions are what I live and breathe every day.

If you would like me to look at your garden or project, contact me now.

Want to find out more about our garden lighting services?

Garden Lighting Projects

What our clients say

"Not only have the boys from Light Your Garden transformed ours into somewhere truly magical but they are also a pleasure to have around."

Graham & Sarah Beeny

"Thank you for all your hard work and patience - the result is truly amazing."

L. Tinsley London SW6

"Thank you for lighting our garden, a simple but effective design. We are delighted with the overall result that perfectly compliments the simplicity of the garden itself and we would be more than happy to recommend you to others."

Hugh & Cath Kidston

"Pleased????? Thrilled and delighted more like it !!!! I LOVE IT and think you did a fantastic job. It makes a huge difference and perfect effect which is what I wanted!
Great job! I am very happy. I will definitely be passing on your details to friends.
Thanks again so much! I am delighted with the result and only wish I hadn't waited 8 years to do it!"

V. Snell
London SW11

"Thank you very much indeed for your hard work and persistence in finishing the beautiful lights in our garden. Johnny & I and indeed the (very) extended family all agree that the impact of the lighting is wonderful. Great praise from 13 year olds to 80 year olds!
We will certainly recommend you."

John & Sally Plimmer
London W4

"We employed John Doyle to design lighting for our garden and the façade of our house in Westminster. He made good choices of equipment and the scheme he designed works well. It is attractive and adds to our sense of security. We have gone back to John for upgrades as our requirements have developed."

The Rt Hon. Michael Portillo.

"You did a great job. I would recommend you anytime. Great advice, good to talk and work with and delightfully neat and tidy."

A. Gill

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